Adventure Journal Oct 19 2020

"Where are all the trees?" This was my first time camping near Moab. It was early May and already 100+ degrees every day, and it never quite cooled off enough for me to feel comfortable at night. One of my friends, who was from Utah, pointed to a bush and said, "Right there." Oh, you are cute, I thought to myself, but that is a bush. "That is not a tree, come to Washington and I will show you trees" I replied. "Do we really just pitch our tent here on this rock?" My friends laughed at me, "Yes, tree hugger girl, right here on this rock." Tree Hugger is what they called everyone from the Pacific Northwest. It's not my fault that my idea of camping involved some sort of trees which kept us cool and shaded. We spent the day mountain biking on smooth red rock and through thick and sticky clay. Although I loved it, I was not prepared for the red clay sticking to every nook and cranny of my gears and tires and it was a pain in the butt. It took a few trips down to southern Utah before I fell in love with the red landscape freckled with green "trees", but I eventually did. The same friends came up to Washington later that year to see "real trees" and they felt equally as lost in the rain, but came to love it. Getting out of our comfort zones is good for many reasons, but it is also what makes us stronger adventurers. "What good is this life you've been given if all you do is stand in one place." I agree. Adventures should take you to new places. Don't be boxed in by what is close by and easy, get out there and hit a new trail every time. Go to places that are new and do things that make you a little uncomfortable. Get your adventure on. * * * #adventureplease #getyouradventureon #pnwlife #redrocklove #moab #treehugger #outdoorlife #outdoorlifestyle