Adventure Journal May 31 2020

You never know what will happen when you give a hook and squirmy worm to a teenage daughter, but this girl of ours didn't even blink. The daughter who doesn't like to eat meat because she loves animals too much, yeah that one. She skewered that worm, strapped on a pair of waders 100 sizes too big and marched out into the Madison at dusk. She caught a gorgeous brown trout and proudly at him for breakfast the next morning. She stayed out there 'till dark. Maybe it was the magic of the Montana sky or the fact that she was fishing in grandma's favorite spot. Maybe she needed to stand and feel the river rush by. Whatever it was, it felt like magic. She found a new part of herself out there in the Madison River that evening, casting a line. My mama heart will never forget it. Thank you adventure. #adventureplease #adventureisoutthere #madisonriver #fishinginmontanta #gmapattisfishingspot #bigskymontana #adventurepleaseco #myheartwantsadventure #riverrunsthroughit