Adventure Journal May 27 2020

Do you remember the first time you saw these gentle giants in Sequoia National Park? I do. It was one of those adventure in the yellow camper van and as drove through the park my mom mentioned that the speeder scene from Return of the Jedi was filmed there. THAT got our attention. My 8-year old imagination instantly switched over and I was Leia on the speeder racing through the trees. It helped that I actually have a little brother named Luke, and for real, his birthday is May 4th. When we finally arrived, we lept out of the van and onto the last moon of Endor with hands out on our speeder handles sound effects, and all. We lost ourselves in a world with giant redwoods, Ewoks, and of course light sabers. That's the magic of the wilderness, it is a portal for our imagination and creativity, yes, even as adults. I may not make the sound effects anymore, at least not out loud, but to this day when I ride my bike through a forest, trees racing past, I feel like Princess Leia. When was the last time you lost yourself in the wilderness? Maybe it's time to remember how good it feels. #adventureplease #campervanmemories #yellowvanadventures #looseyourself #lostinthewilderness #returnofthejedi #iamprincessleia #mybrotherislukeskywalker #outdoorbrands #outdoorapparel #liveyouradventure