Adventure Journal Jun 26 2020

As a climber, I have learned to love this view. I didn't at first, truth be told it terrified me. There was always a moment of pause before each climb when I asked myself, "Are we really doing this?" to which I replied, "Absolutely. Let's go." Then came the moment half-way through when I started to get tired and I would lose sight of my line. I'd look around and ask myself, "Why did I decide to go THIS way? Is this really my line, or is that it over there?" Then after taking a closer look, I would reassure myself, "This is my line, stay on the line." (Then Johnny Cash would be in my mind singing, I Walk the Line). I'd hammer out another few feet until I reached that point on the route where I knew I was going to finish, from there it was cruise control. What was once an obstacle became a vehicle to reach the top, and from there...oh what a view! "Let's do that again!" That's life friends, although right now we are half-way through this messy year and we're tired of it all. We're asking ourselves how we got here and where to go next. The way ahead looks nearly impossible, but bigger obstacles have been conquered before. If we move forward with courage and kindness, something great will come of all of this. Climb on. #adventureplease #naturecanheal #courageandkindness #lessonsfromclimbing #fortheloveofclimbing #a4w